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Looking for the best wood for smoking food and barbecuing?

We supply the smoking wood to the popular True Reds BBQ Restaurant!


If you're looking to serve your customers amazing smoked ribs, burgers and sizzling steaks, then try barbecuing using our smoking wood today. We know you won't be disappointed!


Our smoking wood, available from us here at the Firewood Factory, will provide the perfect flavour every time.

Supply and delivery:

We supply both large and small quantities of our cooking wood and barbecue wood, whether locally to our customers here in Leeds, or to such locations as:

- Harrogate

- Knaresborough

- Ilkley

- Otley

- York

Sustainably sourced

All wood that we supply, from our smoking wood to our seasoned hardwood logs, are ethically sourced from sustainable woods and forests. We strongly believe in being a responsible company that offers you a fair price, whilst looking after the environment.

Wow your

guests with better barbecues.

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Proud to be the supplier of wood to Red's True Barbecue.