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Suppliers of quality firewood and much more

Looking to buy seasoned or kiln-dried firewood logs? Need firelighters or kindling? We stock and supply a large range of logs and other accessories from our base in Leeds.


Remember, we never sell our logs by weight, and always sell you firewood that is dry and therefore easier to light.

Sustainable firewood we stock includes:

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Seasoned hardwood logs

Naturally air-dried and seasoned to an average moisture content of 25%. Sustainably sourced hardwood, cut to 8 inches or more if requested. Available in 1.3 cubic metres loose loads.


Kiln-dried firewood logs

Dried in kilns, to an average moisture content of 15%. Our hardwood logs are sourced from sustainable forests. Cut to 8 inches approx. Available in 1.3 cubic metres loose loads.


Bags of kiln-dried logs

Dried in our solar kilns to an average moisture content of 10%. Bagged in net sacks and delivered in quantities of 10.


Our range of firewood accessories:


Moisture content is between 10% - 15%. Available in net sacks.



Boxes of 24 - the easiest and quickest way to start a fire.

Get your

firewood stocked up this winter:

Smoking wood

Firewood, kindling, and seasoned or kiln-dried hardwood logs, in:

- Leeds

- Otley

- Ilkley

- Harrogate

- Knaresborough

- York



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